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Impressive collection. :)

Did you know that there is an old 8-bit game from 1987 based on one of the dossiers? Namely:

Murder off Miami

Here are some links:



As someone who has recently acquired a number of Wheatley's dossiers, do you have any tips for others interested in acquiring one? (Short of winning an IF competition or being an exceptional tester for your game. :-) Things like what sort of prices you expect to pay, and what sort of questions to ask to ensure you're getting a complete (if worn) copy?

Thanks for the tip on the game version. Would live to get a version of that! Coincidentally, Dennis Wheatley's son was also in the game business. Aaron, if you want a 1930s edition, let me know and I'll put one aside for you. (But definitely not in as good condition as the '70s reprint I gave you.)

I'll post some tips on buying Wheatley's. You can often find them on Allibris and AbeBooks. But the trick is to make sure there's a photo of the cover so you know what you're getting. Certainly avoid the 1980s hardcover editions. Also if anyone wants to do an Inform7 code review there's a 1930s first edition that awaits...

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