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I have a Kindle Touch and Parchment works great in its webbrowser. The on-screen keyboard is sufficient, and the browser is much better than the Kindle Keyboard's browser. It supports many offline web techs, so once I add offline support to Parchment it should be perfect for IF!

No text-to-speech. :(

When I first saw the title Kindle dx | Doohub Blog , I hardly knew what to make of it! Now, after renaidg, I can definitely say that I've talked about this kind of thing in the past. It's really enthralling. Sincerely, Margart Kintigh

This may be a stupid quoetisn, but are you shopping at Amazon's US site or the UK site?Also, a lot of the free books are in the public domain. these can be found in Kindle format at gutenberg.org and manybooks.net, among others. You have to download them and transfer them to the Kindle via USB, but it's pretty easy.

i dont get the not as small as a paper back book comment its thniner than a pencil, i mean what books have that few pages? looks similar in height and width too. im getting one, sick of the ipads glare factor outside.

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