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As long as David Suchet plays Poirot in the movie version all's well.

He's brilliant in that role and I hope they will do a full-length film version also. But let's take a look at the book first! ;-)

"If Sherlock Holmes and James Bond can continue to be the stars of authorized novels long after their authors have passed away, then why not Hercule Poirot?"

To directly answer your question, I always heard (though I am now unable to find something that'll substantiate it) that Christie killed off Poirot so that no one *would* revive his characters like everyone loves doing with other people's creations, and would have done the same with Miss Marple if she could have.

Again, I can't find anything to back this up, and am left wondering at what my source was. Possibly her autobiography? I'd have to reread it.

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