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Correction: TextFiction doesn't support ZBlorb at all.

It wants all story files to be in its own directory, unlike Twisty and JFrotz, which let you browse for the game.
It's nice that you can download the app directly from the website instead of using a market (which I don't), but all the Android terps except ZMPP let you do that. Although it's visually attractive, TextFiction doesn't really have any killer features. My favorite Android terp is still Son of Hunky Punk, which also supports TADS.

It has the benefit of being really light-weight. Does anything on the android support Glulx games?

In a word, no.
The source code for the alpha release of Twisty 2 includes an implementation of Git, but I can't get that app to find any files at all, Z-code or Glulx. The non-Android version of ZMPP allegedly runs Glulx.
Son of Hunky Punk appears to be in active development, and Glulx is on the to do list (partly working, disabled in the current code). I would expect it there first.

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