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If you're at all interested in Interactive Fiction or the history of Infocom, you need to pick up a copy of Jason Scott's excellent new documentary, appropriately entitled "Get Lamp."  Four years in the making, Scott has interviewed some of the biggest participants Interactive Fiction, covering both its history and the modern era. 

There are interviews with Infocom authors Mark Blank (Zork, Deadline), Stu Galley (Witness, Moonmist), Steve Meretzky (Planetfall, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), Dave Lebling (Zork, Suspect, Starcross), Mike Berlyn (Suspended, Infidel), Amy Briggs (Plundered Hearts) and Hollywood Dave Anderson (Holllywood Hijinx).

Here's a short clip via YouTube.

I'll post a more detailed review in the coming weeks,but safe to say, it's awesome.  For $40 you get a 2 DVD set and an exclusive limited edition numbered commemorative coin. 

Scott will be taking the film on the road with presentations in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland, Pittsburgh, New York and beyond.  I hope he makes it to Silicon Valley!


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