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Hardcase Crime - Retro Pulp!

This post strays a little bit from the usual Interactive Fiction fare but those who like old-school pulp novels will definitely want to investigate Hardcase Crime. They have published more than 50 paperback crime novels in the classic hardboiled noir style. They're complete with original pulp covers in retro 70s style.  The series includes classic reprints by some of the genre's most famous authors like Lawrence Block, Donald Westlake, Erle Stanley Gardner, Ed McBain, Roger Zelazny, Stephen King.  There are also new original books by Charles Ardai and Max Philips and others.

Some of you might recognize the names Charles Ardai and Max Philips. They're the founders of Hardcase Crime and previously founded the Juno Internet Service Provider (ISP) back in the 1990s.  

But wait, wasn't Charles Ardai the guy who wrote about Interactive Fiction at Computer Gaming WorldElectronic Games and Computer Entertainment back in the mid-80's?  Yep.  I knew there was an IF connection!

Anyways, check out the books. They're a hoot.


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