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Johnny Dollar - The Missing Missile Matter

Johnny dollar

I've been listening to an old time radio (OTR) show from the 40's and 50's these days called "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar."  This was one of the longest running detective radio shows on the CBS Network.  There are over 700 of the original recordings available today in the public domain at www.archive.org, OTR.Net and elsewhere.  Since the show ran for 12 years, there were changes in the cast and format during that time.  In my view, the best episodes were those starring Bob Bailey.  And the best of those were 5 part dramas that ran consecutive week nights.

For those who are curious about "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," here's a sample of one of the shorter Bob Bailey episodes called "The Missing Missile Matter."  Click on the link below 

Johnny Dollar - Missing Missile Matter


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