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All I Want for Christmas...


I've been continuing to build out my long lost Infocom collection these last few months picking up a dozen old "grey box" editions on eBay and Amazon when the prices are not too crazy.  Thrilled as I have been to get Deadline, Trinity, Witness, Planetfall and others, I'm still missing two more.  

So all I want for Christmas is a nice clean copy of Border Zone, one of my favorite Infocom titles, which was written by Marc Blank.   Oh yeah, and maybe Sherlock, by Bob Bates.  Also another good book on Inform.  Aaron Reed's book is excellent, but it's not a reference.  And the Inform7 manual is causing me to tear my hair out. 

But most of all, how about world peace for Christmas?  That may be easier to come by than a copy of Border Zone.


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Border Zone might just qualify as a genuine Christmas miracle! Here's hoping.

Guess what showed up on eBay this week? Border Zone! Finally, the wait is over, even if it didn't quite make it for xmas. All that's left is Sherlock. And world peace, of course.

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