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If you haven't programmed in Inform, you might wonder what a game looks like from the author's perspective.  If you're not a programmer I would say Inform7 is pretty accessible.  It's got a natural language feel to it in that the syntax is quite readable and looks a lot like English.  However, it is still a bit finicky about some things. Sometimes you'll write some code and the compiler will complain because it's not exactly in the syntax it wants.  Below is an excerpt of some code from the game I'm working on (no spoilers!) that shows some fairly simple things.


The good news with Inform7, is that it's quite easy to get started and there are lots of good examples.  The bad news is if you're an experienced programmer, there's a lot of stuff going on under the hood that is a bit of a black box.  So when you try to do something more complex it can be hard to figure out exactly how to do it.  But there are lots of people who have figured out Inform's quirks and so there is a body of expertise in the IF community.  And it's not that the advanced things are hard to do (once you know how) it's just that figuring out how to do them is difficult because there's no definitive language reference manual.


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