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The Z-Machine Matter Back Cover


What Infocom game would be complete without wonderful packaging, enticing back cover copy and photo of the in-game feelies?  So after I developed The Z-Machine Matter front cover, I spent some time mocking up the rest of the box.  This is a draft version using a photo by Mark Williams with some of Propnomicon's HP Lovecraft props. The final version will have a different photo, and I hope to include some Arkham Asylum props. Click on the graphic above to view it full size.  

Since no Infocom box is ever in mint condition, I tried to give the front and back a bit of the aged look that classic '80s games usually have.  Meanwhile, still plenty of programming required to get to a beta stage and not enough time to do it all.  

Thanks to Propnomicon for the inspiration and props.


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