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iPad Frotz 1.5.1 with Improved Glulx Support


Craig Smith has updated iPad Frotz 1.5.1 incorporating several new fixes in the support of Glulx games.  While Glulx support is still beta, it works much better now, enabling the use of Aaron Reed's keyword interface in its full glory.  (The prior version would occasionally cause normal text to occasionally be displayed in keyword colors.)

Great work Craig!  Much appreciated.  Best of all, Frotz is free on the iPad, iPhone and many other platforms.  You can download it from iTunes.

Now if only someone would create a Glulx or even a Z-code interpreter for the Kindle.  That would be cool!  Heck if someone wants to do a kickstarter there, I would gladly kick in money.  (again)


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Someone already did that, actually. Though you need to jailbreak your Kindle and do a bit of work to set it up.

There's also a port of zmpp with an UI designed for the Kindle. Sadly, its support of z-code isn't quite as good as Frotz.

Jailbreak is great for someone who wants to be a linux kernel hacker, but I don't think most Kindle users fall into that bucket. What's really needed is an official Kindle app that users could buy from Amazon, just like the Choice of Games apps, Sodoku, etc. Heck, I would buy it.

I'm a complete technophobe - however I managed it OK. Jailbraking the kindle only involves copying a few files to it via the usb cable. No programming nor hacking skills required.

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