iPad Frotz 1.5.3 and an Updated Alpha Game
Mock Z-Machine Ad

Trizbort map?


A while back, I created a map for The Z-Machine Matter, shown above.  It was just a simple 2D mockup for my own planning purposes using some piece of free software that I've since lost.  I thought I could get something better with Trizbort on Windows but for some reason it doesn't do anything.  And today, the power supply on my 10 year old Windows XP machine blew up (loud crackle, bang and smoke!) so I'm not going to get Trizbort working any time soon. (Luckily all my development is on a more recent MacBook, and yes, I do make backups regularly.)

So if any alpha testers have been successful with Trizbort, feel free to run a transcript from The Z-Machine Matter through it and send me the results as an image file or PDF.  Or for anyone who's a Trizbort pro, I'm happy to send you a transcript of The Z-Machine Matter and see if anything interesting happens.

For now, I've just put the nasty photo of the printout with handwritten corrections into a revised version of the manual.  And of course, there's another revision to the Alpha game that incorporates some more feedback from testers.  Thanks guys!


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Hi Zack, sorry you're not having much luck with Trizbort! If you get a Windows machine going again and want to give it another go, drop me an e-mail with any problems and I'll do my best to solve them.

By way of recompence, if you send me a transcript I'll see how Trizbort fares with it :)

Awesome! I will definitely take you up on that.

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