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October 2011

Slow Progress


As cynics may have predicted, progress on The Z-Machine Matter has slowed to a crawl since IntroComp.  I've been in a new job for some months and the workload continues to increase.  I love my job, so that's not going to change any time soon.  I've given up exercise for the most part, and my guitar playing is suffering.  But I still haven't found much time for programming.  

Still I managed to get in a couple of hours of editing this past weekend to focus on improving the writing in the game.  Seems to me I have to make some big improvements in that area before worrying about finishing the game. I will keep at this as long as I can, but I'm hoping that over Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays I might get some more time. 

Otherwise, I'm open to ideas...

IFComp 2011 Prizes


This year's IFComp appears to have quite a broad range of games available.  To commemorate the occasion (or at least to reward those who entered games) I've donated two prizes: an original 1930s Dennis Wheatley crime dossier book, as well as a set of 3 Dennis Wheatley crime dossier reprints from the 1970s.  There are also many other prizes including gift certificates, cash, books and other stuff.

There are still 4 weeks to go in the competition, so feel free to dive in, play some games and cast your votes.  You can download the IFComp games from the link below.