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San Francisco IF Meetup


Dan Fabulich (above right) does a great, or dare I say, fabulous job organizing the local San Francisco Interactive Fiction meetup.  Meetings occur the first Saturday of every month and are generally in or around Berkeley or Oakland area.  Last week we met at the Musueam of Art & Digital Entertainment (MADE) offices in Oakland.  There was a lot of catching up on what everyone is up to, speculation on recent rumors about Steam's console PC, discussion of Double Fine's forthcoming Adventure game.  

Then we dove into a group session trying to solve Infocom's notoriously difficult Deadline interactive mystery game.  We had to dive into some online clues, but a good time was had by all.  Heck, Dan even brought pizza.  What a mensch!

Next meeting is April 7.  Hope to see you there.


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Wish there was an IF group in LA...

(we have pizza though)

I think a great topic would be where themes begin and end and where does wdrepross begin and end. I don't really know where the boundary lies and that leads me to hacking some things that I don't need to. A similar topic would be to go over some common used hooks and some great examples. Cheers! I'm lookin forward to this!

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