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One of the hottest games funded on Kickstarter, Camouflaj République, is also one of the first to be released.  While not exactly ahead of schedule, the game is coming out for iOS on Dec 19, ahead of some other high profile Kickstarter games that were launched earlier including DoubleFine's Broken Age, Jane Jensen's Moebius, Tex Murphy Project Fedora, Two Guys Space Venture etc.  Even Andrew Plotkin's interactive fiction game Hadean Lands has past three years of development. I've funded all of these and I'll I've seen so far is email. 

République will have five episodes on iOS, each costing $5.  Or you can get the season pass for $15.  That may be a lot for an iOS game, but it's a bargain compared to what AAA games cost on xBox or PS4. 

It's no doubt ironic that the game that nearly didn't get funded is the first out of the gate. Unity can chalk up another big win with this game.  Remember folks, shipping is a feature!

So far I've just had a couple of hours to put Republique through it's paces, but so fa the game is great.  It's especially well designed for those who are not hard-core gamers; the controls are simple and the least frustrating I've seen in ages.  I've added a few links to reviews and will follow up with another story in the coming weeks.

Here's the launch trailer:


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