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Murder at the Veteran's Club

Murder at the veterans club

IF community member, author and reviewer Chris Huang, is publishing a book called "Murder at the Veteran's Club" that looks to be a classic "golden age" detective novel in the style of Arthur Conan Doyle, GK Chesterton, P.D. James, Agatha Christie and others. 

His award winning "An Act of Murder" remains one of my favorite IF games and helped rekindle my interest in the genre. If you haven't played it, you really should. And if you like it half as much as I did, you'll jump over to Inkshares to pre-order a copy of "Murder at the Veteran's Club" right now! Chris has been a huge contributor to the IF community and I'm sure he'll appreciate the vote of confidence. 

The book is published via InkShares and so if there aren't enough pre-orders, the book doesn't get published. (And perhaps worse things though, I'm not sure.)  If everyone pitched in, I'm sure we could put this book over the threshold this week. And I really want to read it.

You can also get regular updates at Chris's blog.