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September 2022

Audiobook Now Available


Audible MM
The audiobook version of The Man From Mittelwerk is now complete. The audiobook, paperback and ebook versions are all available as of September 6, to coincide with the annual BoucherCon mystery and crime writer’s conference, held in Minneapolis this year.We hired voice actor Jonathan Strait after auditioning half a dozen voice professional narrators. He got the vibe we were trying to achieve and really delivered on the different accents (German, English) and characters.

It’s strange to review your own audiobook, because Jonathan brought it to life in a way that really brought the emotion front and center. He also managed to catch half a dozen typos most of which (ahem) we were able to fix in the first print run.

It was fun to be able to listen to the book after so many months (years!) of working on it. I found myself surprised in a few chapters, having forgotten exactly how a few scenes played out.

Thanks to my co-author and brother Michael for managing this whole process. The audiobook will be available from as of September 9.